The big picture is that this website is about information and fundraisers for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in New York City on October 15th and 16th…

but this story really lies within the local connections.

Dr. Michael Sheridan is from Amsterdam, NY and has fund-raised and walked in the two day 39 mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer for the last 17 years. He also has been the largest individual fundraiser in the New York City walk raising over $903,000 in that time. He started this journey after his wife fought and won her battle against breast cancer; Debbie is now an 20 year survivor.

This year Dr. Sheridan is celebrating the Annual Golf for a Cure Tournament. Visit our other pages to learn more about each event!


For more information, please contact:

Barbara Johnson-Hamm, Co-Chair
Phone: 518-843-9642
Email: Barbara.M.Johnson@verizon.net

Sandy Zarecki, Co-Chair
Phone: 518-883-4204
Email: szarecki@nycap.rr.com


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